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Natural looking 'barely there' look


Semi permanent eyelash extensions 'open up' the eyes and give them a more youthful look, whilst creating unrivalled length & volume.  The result is not only a time saving one, but greatly adds to your feeling feminine and great about yourself.  You can ditch the smudgy time consuming mascara and wake up looking and feeling younger every day!

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are synthetic and applied individually, one by one to your existing eyelashes using a medical grade, EU standard adhesive. They will feel totally weightless. Anything between 100-400 lashes are applied to each eye, adding fullness and depth to your lashes, really making a difference to the way you look and feel about yourself.

Add a splash of colour to your lashes


Coloured Eyelashes: Why not add a splash of colour to you lashes! Colours are available in pretty much every colour of the rainbow so your lash colours can be as subtle or outlandish as you like!

Length, Thickness & Curl

Lashes come in various shapes, sizes and curl.  Lengths vary from 6mm up to 14mm, and thickness can vary between 0.07mm up to 0.25mm.  A collection of different lengths and thickness can be used on each eye in order to create the desired effect.

Lashes also come in different curl shapes, the J curl being a more natural curl, B curl slightly curlier, the C curl, and curlier still is a D curl.  There are also L, DD, M and other types of curl shapes, each designed to give a different look to the eye.

Natural looking mascara effect
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