Covid-19 Policy Statement 

This has been a difficult time for all of us. I know many of you are worried about the coronavirus - your health and safety remains my top priority. In line with government guidelines, there will be some changes to the way I will be working to keep us both safe.  With this in mind I have carried out a duly required Covid-19 risk assessment in line with the HSE guidelines, and list below a Policy Statement for your guidance and reassurance that I take your health and safety seriously.


New procedures will be in place, and for the time being, during a phased re-opening I will not be taking on new clients. 

I will be wearing appropriate PPE in line with Government Guidelines, and appropriate surfaces, equipment and tools will be cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival. 

Your Health / My Health

  • Please check your temperature on the morning of, and prior to your appointment.

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms on the day of your appointment, please cancel via text message as soon as you are able (you will not be charged a cancellation fee).

  • Likewise I will do the same.

  • If you (or I) become ill during the course of your treatment, I will unfortunately have to ask you to leave, and all subsequent client appointments will have to be cancelled for the following 14 days.  You will not be charged for your appointment.

Arrival & Departure Procedures

  • Please arrive on time (do not arrive early) and leave immediately to adhere to minimum contact possible.

  • Where 
possible arrive alone.  I will be unable to let anyone else into the treatment room with you. 

  • Please bring only essential items with you and do not bring food or drinks into the treatment room.

  • When you arrive for your appointment, please text me from your car and then approach the front door (please do not ring the doorbell or touch the door). My aim is for you to touch as few surfaces as possible so where possible I will open and close all doors for you.

  • Once I open the front door to you, please go directly to the bathroom and wash your hands using antibacterial soap & paper towels provided. There is a pedal bin for disposal of your paper towels (please don’t flush these down the toilet). If you need to use the toilet, there will be an antibacterial spray which you can use to sanitise a) light pull, b) seat, c) flush, d) inside door-handle.

  • There will be hand sanitiser available which should be used on entry and exit to the treatment room.

  • Please don’t handle mobile phones inside the treatment room unless you have sanitised them in front of me.

  • Please where possible pay via BACS, before arrival and send a text to confirm that this has been done.

  • If paying by cash or cheque, please leave this in a named envelope so that I can handle it at the end of the day.

  • You may be expected to wear a face covering when possible (depending on government guidelines - this can be provided for you); if you wish to wear a face covering, please bring this with you and put on before entering the treatment room.

  • It is vital that you inform me if you develop any Covid-like symptoms up to 14 days after the treatment so that I can adhere to government track and trace guidelines. 

Health Disclaimer

You will be required to sign a Health Disclaimer before your appointment confirming that you are healthy and fit for your treatment. If you are in a shielding or vulnerable category, you are advised to think whether or not this treatment is absolutely necessary, and will be asked to sign an additional disclaimer stating that you realise the additional (potential) risks involved.

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